About Ayurveda

Ayurveda the knowledge about caring the life is derived and developed through the incessant transcendental power of “Rishis” who lived 5000 years ago.

Caring the life is through combining medicines, various treatment programmes, balanced diet, Yoga and meditation. This combination is according to the constitution based on TRIDOSHA Principle. Tridoshas ate the three basic principles controls and regulates the anatomical, physiological and psychological functions. These Tridoshas are deriving from the ‘Panchamahabhutas’ the five elements which are the basic units contained in the food and medicines.

In a healthy being the balanced doshas help the soul, sensory and motor organs and the mind to be pleasant. So desease is due to the imbalanced doshas due to the influence of imbalanced combination of climate, habits, objects of senses and improper diet.

Ayurveda advises how to keep the Tridoshas balanced to care the life. Thus Ayurveda is an individualized medical as well as ethical science.

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