Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital

Arshatheertham means the holy water from the hands of Rishis. Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital is situated on the riverside in an ecofriendly atmosphere. It is located in a village named Keezhattingal which is 15 kms away from Varkala and 35 kms from Trivandrum. The nearest bus station is Attingal and railway stations are Kadakkavoor and Chirayinkeezhu. Dr. Sandhya Kumary K. G. who is loving and respecting Ayurveda is here to give personalized Ayurvedic treatment care. This care includes Accommodation, Food, Medicine, Yoga and different Treatment programmes such as Abhyangam, Sirodhara, Lepanam, Dhanyamla Dhara etc, more of those under the treatments tab.



The construction finished and hospital was inaugurated on 10th June 2011 by Sage Prakasananda, disciple of Sage Sreenarayana Guru who was a social reformer, Philosopher and Spiritual teacher.

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