Ayurvedic Treatment

Before treatment, the body is cleansed and detoxified using massage oils, saunas, enemas or laxatives. Health problems are treated by supplying elements thought to be deficient due to doshic imbalance. Catarrh or water retention, for instance, with excess phlegm, is treated with warm, light, dry foods, fasting, and the absence of cold drinks, which would augment kapha.
Herbal medicines such as head-clearing gotu kola, warming cayenne and cinnamon, and pungent saffron might be chosen to combat a water-logged condition. Treatment might also include massage with warm aromatic oils, burning incenses such as frankincense and myrrh, and surrounding the individual with fire-colored clothes and belongings in bright crimsons and yellows.

Ayurvedic philosophy maintains that most of us are born in a state of balance, which is disturbed sooner or later by poor nutrition and an inappropriate environment. Great emphasis is placed upon diet as a means of realigning the humours and maintaining their balance. Ailments are treated by specific dietary recommendations.


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