Smartling Guide

All the guides about how to translate can be found here.

Translation in short:

  • Create a account at
  • After you got accepted choose the language you want to translate in the upper right corner or click on one of these links:
  • Click on the translation button in the lower right corner.translate_button.jpg
  • Click start translation button in the lower left and choose a language (maybe login)start_translating_button.jpg
  • A box with things smartling wants you to translate shows, you can follow those steps and write in the translation in the field to the right or close the box and make your own choices.translation_interface.jpg
  • Hover over the text that you want to change, click edit.editmode_edit_translation.jpg
  • Toggle the translation button in the lower left corner to switch between edit mode and normal browse mode.stop_translating.jpg
  • Hope that was enough to get you started otherwise there are a link to the official guide here.




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