Vamana – Vomitting

Vamana is intended for the removal of Kapha Dosha. However, this is not to be adopted in mere Kapha only but, necessary for when of Kapha’s conjunction with one dosha or with both other doshas. When any poisonous matter is consumed, whether knowingly or not, Vamana or vomitings are to be induced urgently. In Ayurveda Vamana has been described as the treatment which helps to throw out the doshas or the toxins out of the body from upper part in the form of induced vomitings.

Vamana is only given to the eligible candidates after proper and complete examination. After doing the full oiling of the body by means of proper massages and intake of medicinal oil, patient is prepared for Vamana.Vamana helps to remove any type of obstruction from any part of the body thereby making the rest part of the treatment more easy and beneficial.
Children and elderly are not to be subjected to this therapy.

Vamana is helpful in Bronchial Asthma, Cough, Heart burns, Anorexia, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Lunacy, Anaemia, Obesity, Goiter, Urticaria etc.


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