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Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital

Experience the genuine care through India's Intrinsic Medical Science 'Ayurveda'

- About Ayurveda -

Ayurveda the knowledge about caring the life is derived and developed through the incessant transcendental power of “Rishis” who lived 5000 years ago.

Caring the life is through combining medicines, various treatment programmes, balanced diet, Yoga and meditation. This combination is according to the constitution based on Tridosha Principle.

- Arshatheertham -

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- About the Hospital -

Arshatheertham means the holy water from the hands of Rishis.

Arshatheertham Ayurveda Hospital is situated on the riverside in an ecofriendly atmosphere. It is located in a village named Keezhattingal which is 15 kms away from Varkala and 35 kms from Trivandrum. The nearest bus station is Attingal and railway stations are Kadakkavoor and Chirayinkeezhu.

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